Creating an Agenda

Planning and Budgeting
Establishing detaile d steps and timetables for achieving needed results, and then allocating the resources necessary to make that happen

Establishing Direction
Developing a vision of the future, often the distant future and strategies for producing changes needed to achieve that vision

Developing a Human Network

Organizing and Staffing
Establishing some structure for accomplishing plan requirements, staffing that structure with individuals, delegating responsibility and authority for carrying out the plan, providing policies and procedures to help guide people, and creating methods or systems to monitor implementation

Aligning People
Communicating the direction by words and deeds to all those whose cooperation may be needed so as to influence the creation of teams and coalitions that understand the vision and strategies, and accept their validity


Controlling and Problem Solving
Monitoring results vs. plan in some detail, identifying deviations, and then planning and organizing to solve these problems

Motivating and Inspiring
Energizing people to overcome major political, bureaucratic, and resource barriers to change by satisfying very basic, but often unfulfilled, human needs


Focusing on Objects
Producing /selling goods and services; based on position power; acting as boss

Focusing on People
Inspiring and motivating followers, based on personal power; acting as coach, facilitator, servant

Personal Qualities

Emotional Distance
Expert Mind
Insight into business

Emotional Connections (Heart)
Open Mind
Listening (Communication)    
Insight into self (Integrity)


Produces Predictability & Order
...and has the potential of consistently producing key results expected by various stakeholders (e.g., for customers, always being on time; for stockholders, being on budget)

Produces Change
...often to a  dramatic degree, and has the potential of producing extremely useful change (e.g., new products that customers want, new approaches to labor relations that help make a firm more competitive)