Instructions: For the following case, determine whether Joyce will be motivated to behave as desired. Then select the appropriate managerial action from those listed. Draw on Expectancy Theory to aid your choice. Be prepared to explain your selection.

Joyce, a recent College of Business graduate, has been working for several months as a salesperson for a small manufacturer of computers. She is one of two salespeople currently working a large metropolitan area. Her sales manager, Eric Kurtz, is concerned about her performance, however. He is aware that Joyce wants very much to have high sales in order to participate in the company's generous incentive bonus plan. She has expressed her satisfaction with the way the plan operates and was clearly in agreement that there is a booming demand for computers in the market area. He is puzzled, therefore, by her poor performance. What action would you recommend he take?

  1. Post sales performance figures in the office so everyone can see how the salespersons are doing.
  2. Have a talk with Joyce, stressing the details of how she can benefit financially from increased sales.
  3. Tell Joyce that unless she begins to reach her quota within the next three months, she will be terminated from employment.
  4. Ask Joyce to accompany him on sales calls to several new customers.
  5. Do nothing. Her performance should soon be improving.