Combining Tasks

    Putting together separate tasks to
         form newer and larger modules of work

Forming Natural Work Units

    Distributing work in a logical way so that a worker hasownership
       - a sense of continuing responsibility for an identifiable body of work

Establishing Client Relationships

    Identifying who the client is
    Establishing direct links with the client
    Setting up criteria by which the client can judge
        quality of the product or service
    Establishing means to relay judgments

         Contact should be as great as possible and as frequent as necessary.
       Face to face contact is highly desirable, at least occasionally.
       It is best to have criteria that are mutually understood and agreed upon.

Vertical Loading

    Add to the job responsibilities and controls
       formerly reserved for higher level management

        Granting discretion in areas such as the following:

Opening Feedback Channels

    Removing existing blocks to naturally occuring
        job provided data about performance