Discussion Questions


     Exercise:  Managerial Learning and Problem Solving Styles


Directions:  Read the following discussion questions and formulate a response to each.  Be prepared to share your insights with your student colleagues and the class as a whole.  Note: It is not necessary to incorporate responses into your notes. 



1.   Do you feel that you have been correctly classified by the learning style inventory?

2.   What do you intuit about yourself that confirms / disconfirms the assessment?

3.   How does your learning style mesh with the pedagogical approach of MGMT 310?

4.   How might you use understandings about the learning cycle and learning styles to improve your learning processes in the future?

5.   How are you going through the experiential learning cycle in the process of learning about your learning style?

6.   How can you build your tacit knowledge of OB in MGMT 310?

7.   How can your tacit knowledge be used to enhance your learning process in MGMT 310?

8.   How can explicit knowledge be used to enhance your learning in MGMT 310?

9.   How is the scientific knowledge building process similar to / different from the learning cycle through which individuals build their

      tacit knowledge of the world?