MGMT 310 Unit #2 Example Examination Questions


1.       (a) Use “Reinforcement Theory” to analyze your motivation for writing the notes for each session, and (b) suggest ways in which your instructor might be able to change your environment so as to enhance your motivation to perform the behavior in question.  (c) How might you approach and change your own environment so as to make the performance behavior in question more probable.  Draw on your understandings of “Social Cognitive Theory” in developing your action plans.





2.       Think of a previous job (it could be your current job) that you have had that was rather simple and specialized.  Use two different “implementing concepts” to redesign the work that would heighten respectively (a) "experienced meaningfulness,” (b) “experienced responsibility.”  Be sure to indicate the actual changes in the work that you are suggesting above and be sure to indicate which “core job dimensions” you are targeting.  (c) Discuss how well your “personality traits” would “fit” the job you have redesigned.





3.       Your team has recently constructed a peer appraisal instrument.  (a) If you were to recommend one change that would improve that instrument, what would it be? Provide a brief rationale.  (b) In order to conduct a more valid and reliable performance evaluation, explore two “biases in person perception” that you will attempt to avoid during the formal evaluation. Briefly consider how W. Edwards Deming might view the instrument your team has constructed both (c) positively and (d) negatively.



4.       Think of the way in which your performance was rewarded in the job you have identified in question 2.  (a) Identify two limitations of the reward system used. (b)Suggest a change for one of the limitations that is underpinned by an “expectancy theory” based rationale.  (c) Suggest a change for the other limitation that is underpinned by an “equity theory” based rationale. 



5.   Think of the "worst" boss that you have ever had in a previous job (this may be your current boss if you are presently employed).  (a) In which area of “managerial skills” is this person most deficient?  Discuss two essential ingredients of this person's behavior that had (have) such a negative effect on you and perhaps others in the organization.  (b) Suggest two ways in which the leader’s behavior should be modified and draw on two different leadership theories as a basis for your suggested changes.