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Since most people find this site by searching for emotional intelligence, I am putting the main EI related things on this page. Here is the full table of contents in its traditional format.

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This site is owned by Steve Hein, author of EQ for Everybody. The site is completely independent and is based on my belief that one of the keys to improving society is improving the way we meet each other's emotional needs. My goal is to keep this site one of the most comprehensive and practical site on the web in the area of emotions, emotional needs and emotional intelligence. I also want to keep it the least commercial in support for the free exchange of ideas and information around the world.

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academic, adolescent suicide, anger, business/corporate, definition & history of emotional intelligence, defensiveness, depression, disappointment, discouragement, education, empathy, emotional abuse, emotional honesty, fear, friendships, guilt, hopelessness, human emotional needs, Internet counseling ideas, invalidation, men and emotions, parenting, personal growth, resentment, respect, responsibility, romantic relationships, teen suicide, understanding, unmet emotional needs, validation

Author index - Psychology, Education, Parenting

Nathaniel Branden, Haim Ginott , Daniel Goleman, Thomas Gordon, Arthur Janov, Abraham Maslow, Alice Miller, Jack Westman,

Notes from other books by title

The Art of Leading Yourself, (Randi Noyes), A Conscious Person's Guide to Relationships, Demian, (Hermann Hesse), Girl, Interrupted, (Susanna Kaysen) Love, (Leo Buscaglia), How to stop worrying and start living, (Dale Carnegie), How to survive the loss of a love, (Colgrove, Bloomfield, McWilliams), I'm okay, your okay, (Harris), Looking out for number one, (Robert Ringer), On the wings of self-esteem, (Louise Hart), The Power of Unconditional Love (Ken Keyes), Restoring the American dream, (Robert Ringer), Siddhartha, (Hermann Hesse),The search for meaning Naylor, et al




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