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Competent Facilitation
Got a meeting at nine, a meeting at eleven and then a meeting at two. It never ends! With the amount of time we spend in meetings these days, facilitation skills should be a required competency of every professional, don't you think?

To help raise your competency, we've sought out Lynda Lieberman Baker, a certified professional facilitator, to guide 3M Meeting Network through the essentials of facilitation. Every update, Lynda will provide us with a tool, activity, tip, or exercise for facilitating great meetings. If you thought the keys to productive meetings were elusive, au contraire. Productive office meetings ARE within your grasp!

As the consummate facilitator, Lynda loves continuously learning. So, if you have a tactic that fits into one of the three key areas (before, during, and after the meeting), suggest it here and it might be posted in the next issue!

Learn More About Lynda
Lynda on the Web
Learn more about the Professional Facilitator Certification

Latest Tips...
- Leverage Your Meeting's Logistics
- Predicting Meeting Performance based on Participant Personal Style
- Plus-Delta

Before The Meeting
Engage and manage the meeting leader and participants. Plan, design and organize the event. Manage the environment.
- More Than An Agenda
- Ground Rules, Operating Agreements & Meeting Commandments
- Decide if a Meeting is Needed
- Make the Most of Flip Charts
- Communicate in Advance

During the Meeting
Create a safe learning environment. Be objective and communicate effectively with all members of the group.
- Trust the Group, Maintain Neutrality
- Personal Facilitation Feedback
- Add in Serious Play
- Engage And Maximize Participation
- Schedule and Take Breaks
- Create a Friendly Meeting Environment
- Ask open-ended questions

End of the Meeting
Create a safe learning environment. Be objective and communicate effectively with all members of the group.
- Now What?
- Competently Close Your Meetings
- Seek Opportunities for Learning
- Solicit Feedback

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